Active Meetings

Active Meetings

Some in the Division have positions where physical activity is a part of our responsibilities.  However, for many of us, much of our work time is spent in meetings, or behind a desk. In support of a creating a Healthy UO, the Healthy Campus Initiative encourages all employees to incorporate movement into their work day. One of the ways to do this is by holding “active” meetings.

Research shows that physical activity breaks can lead to increased energy, attention span, participation and reduced fatigue, all of which can mean a more productive meeting or event.

Participants will benefit from increased activity, no matter how brief. Increase the activity level during your meetings, following these basic guidelines:

  • Focus on variety, balance and moderation.
  • A physical activity break can be anywhere from two minutes to one hour, so no matter how long your meeting is, you can fit one onto the agenda!
  • For full-day meetings, aim to provide a 15-minute physical activity break in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • Shorter breaks can be provided during transitions, such as a one-to-two minute stretch break, or a five-minute, low-impact aerobic activity.
  • When your discussion stalls or you can’t decide on how to proceed with a project, take a two-minute deep breathing or guided imagery break and get a clear perspective.
  • Include physical activities in icebreaker activities.
  • Try a walking meeting! The Office of Human Resources has pre-measured walking routes on campus that you can match to your meeting duration.
  • Always allow for participants to opt out of the activity.

If you would like to have someone lead your staff in an active meeting, contact the Healthy Campus Office. Before you know it, you’ll be leading your own! Check out the Healthy Campus Initiative website for more information or call Marci Torres at 541-346-8817.

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